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AEROBE Zero wind single line kite! NEW!

Aerobe is designed to “glide” in both indoor and outdoor no wind to low wind conditions. It is very balanced and can be controlled to glide elegantly by pulling or releasing the flying line. It can also be flown as a traditional single line kite in low to mid wind conditions.

AEROBE Kite (Blue)
Wingspan : 64" x 41" w/150" tail
Frame : 3mm Carbon
Sail : Ripstop Nylon
Wind : 0 ~ 20mph

Available colour of Aerobe.

View this Aerobe kite video here:

Retail Price of
¥12,500 / USD$130.00

limited time only!




Payment by PayPAL
By Japan Post Bank account

Shipping within Japan¥900 by chakubarai
(Flat rate shipping by EMS USD$23.00 for international buyer)

Aerobe photos!

Taken from FlyingWings team photo album;

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